Saturday, 21 December 2013

White Christmas

I'll admit it. When it comes to snow, I am a bit of a grinch. Unless I'm on holiday somewhere hilly (sled in hand) or don't have to leave the house till every bit of ice has melted then I'm fine with it. But if I have to get to work, or anywhere, it is a pain in the, well, yeah. You have to walk slowley, it limits shoe choices and I know I'm pointing out the obvious, but it's really cold! Then after the snow you get ice and after last years grand total of three falls, I'm not looking forward to racking up a new score.

So my version of a white Christmas? Any one (or all) of these jumpers under the tree! I've been dreaming of wearing all white but lack the pieces in my wardrobe, maybe the January sales gods will smile on me and cut the price of one of these beauties. The only problem? Buying just one...

1. Zara Turtle neck sweater
2. COS high neck top
3. Uniqlo Premium Cotton Turtle Neck Long sleeve T-shirt
4. Equiptment Sloane Cashmere sweater

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