Monday, 27 January 2014

Summer flats

Although I'm hoping my favourite gold, tan and orange sandals will last another year, I can't believe I got them from Asda, I wish I'd bought two pairs, or ten, they literally go with everything and are so comfy, never once did they rub me on a hot summer's day. I think they were about a tenner as well. Damn. But I think I might have to add these to my collection too. I know they are not super girly or summery (black works all year round for me, sometimes it actually looks really cool in summer don't you think?) but that's kind of why I like them. They will dress down a summer dress to a level I'm comfortable with, are flat so should be comfy and after all, they are shiny!

Sandals - Zara

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Off the shoulder

How amazing is this off the shoulder peasent top by Alexander Mcqueen? Just looking at it transports me straight to summer-time, hanging outside with friends till it goes all dusky but is still warm. Bo-ho is back for spring but not as you know it. This time rather than fringing, suede, cowboy boots, long earrings and diy hand embroided everything it's maybe one of these elements but with grown up seperates. But never too much, that's the key. Too much = 'are you going to a fancy dress party?' Wear a pair of long, gypsy style earrings with your cocktail dress, a fringed carry all bag for day time or a kaftan style top over wide leg jeans. Think soft, floaty fabrics and lengths, more running through a field with flowers in your hair than grubbing it out at a festival. I'm in. Are you?

Top - Alexander McQueen

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Gee! - ometric

I've been obsessing over this bag for months. But as it's more money than I've ever spent on one item (bar a coat) I can't afford it until payday and even then I'm going to still have major guilt. But look at it! It's perfect! And you could totally fit an umbrella in it; very important when you like in the UK! It's structured, simple and the leather feels beautiful (yes I've even visited it in store). It's a lot more 3D than the picture shows, good size as I said and has a stiff, boxy feel making it the perfect everyday bag. It would go with everything too. I mentioned I was obsessed right? So I'll let fate decide. If it's still in stock by the time I can afford it then the universe wants me to have it.

Bag - COS

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Night fantasy

I loved creating the fantasy outfit for Dublin in the last post (as painful as the reality is afterwards when I realise I can't have it). So I thought that as I'd done one for the day, I'd do one for the night. I chose this beautiful Georgette camisole from Malene Birger and then paired it with black trousers by Victoria Beckham. I'm loving this mini trend of oversize turn ups, I think it looks great, the higher the better (though I think stopping at the knee is wise!). Then to finish a pair of two tone mules, the shoe of the moment, then a simple black clutch from one of my favourite designers, The Row. And at the last minute I thought I'd add a classic black blazer to keep me warm between bars, there's that practicality again!

1. Niharika stretch-silk and Georgette camisole - Malene Birger
2. Cropped stretch wool pants - Victoria Beckham
3. Two-tone leather sandals - Sergio Rossi
4. Textured leather clutch - The Row
5. Iris Wool twill blazer - Stella McCartney

Thursday, 16 January 2014


I'm off to Dublin at the end of February with my girlfriends and I am so excited already. I thought it'd be fun, for this post, to create a fantasy outfit of what I'd like (in my dreams) to be seeing the sights in. Although there are some exquisite designer pieces to be had I've actually ended up choosing something quite simple (so very me, insert obvious joke) - although I did salivate over a bright yellow Christopher Kane skirt - and a comfy pair of boots. And as it's fantasy I've added a gorgeous tote by The Row for all the junk I carry around every day. I swear when something random I've been carrying for ever comes in handy, I get very happy! (I know that foldable spoon would have its day!) But yes, very sensible indeed, even in my fantasies I'm thinking, will it be warm/comfortable enough? But I have added with the lace bra. I mean how could you not? That thing is to DIE for. When your dressing, it's much better to keep the secret rather than tell everyone, do you know what I mean? So all I need to do is win the lottery between now and then, totally do-able.

1. Bra - La Perla
2. White shirt - Vivienne Westwood Anglomania
3. Leather skirt - Theory
4. Cardigan - Chloe
5. Boots - Church's
6. Bag - The Row

Monday, 13 January 2014

Winter uniform

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a good week so far! This is what I wore (minus a big coat and scarf!) to meet my friend for lunch yesterday. We went to Expo Cafe and had a late breakfast; poached eggs, spinach and bacon for me plus lots of tea. It's one of my favourite kind of outfits to wear, anything that involves leather leggings and some form of cosy knitwear is ok by me. I added my favourite Topshop boots, which was a very good idea as we went for a walk round Fletcher Moss park afterwards and it was seriously muddy (as I'm sure you can see!).

Leather leggings - H&M, cardigan - Primark, t-shirt - H&M, boots - Topshop


I nipped into Stockport the other day to meet my friend (we were there to stock up on ingredients to make wheat free pizza and brownies, both delicious by the way) and while I was waiting I had a look around Debenhams and found out they were having a big sale! After trying on a mountain of pairs I just couldn't leave these two behind. Yes I know, they are both maroon, pointy flats but at under a tenner each, no problem! And they are different (they are!), I'll wear the ones with straps with midi skirts and minis and the loafers with boyfriend jeans and wide leg trousers. Now the only question is, do I go back for the strappy pair in black?

The rest of the sale is well worth checking out, sale on Betty Jackson, Faith, Carvela and Ben de Lisi for Debhanams.Check it out here.

1. H by Henry Holland maroon loafers
2. Red Herring maroon flats

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Dior exhibition

I found myself with nothing to do today so was very happy when my friend told me about the Christian Dior exhibition at The Gallery of Costume in Platt Fields Park. I can't believe I had no idea it was on and very luckily just managed to catch it in time, the last day is tomorrow so hurry if you want to see some truly gorgeous Dior creations plus fashion from as early as the 1600 to the 1960's - 2000's. The building the exhibition is held in is worth a look itself - I am in love with old buildings! - and has tea rooms serving tea and cake, perfect to discuss the beautiful dresses over, or to warm you up before bracing the cold again. Above are a few close ups I took of my favourite things. I would kill for a few hours alone in there to try everything on! Or I'd settle for taking the dress above on the far right home. I would wear it all summer long, it is so light and airy, sigh, a girl can dream!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The big T

How amazing is this t-shirt from ASOS? I love that it's in white, it looks clean and slightly sporty and the layering options are endless. It's a piece that will instantly bring your outfit up a few style points, if you pair it with leather leggings, printed trousers or just denim shorts in summer. Now stay with me on this one, but the t-shirt is going to be a big trend this spring/summer. Yes I know that sounds weird. But what it means is the t-shirt silhouette, exaggerated, almost cartoon like shape. As if you accidentally bought a size or two bigger but it doesn't hang off your shoulders, it stands up on it's own. A second trend is mesh. So this is a two-birds-one-stone item all for under £30, get it now!

1. ASOS t-shirt with organza panels

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Two loves

How amazing are these two new pieces from H&M? I think any of them could easily be mistaken for a designer piece. The shirt is crisp, cropped and clean, with a nautical edge, perfect with wide leg trousers or a-line shorts. Then the dress is the ultimate lazy summer day dress, off the shoulder (goodbye pesky tan lines!) and would be so cool bare legged with sandals or with cropped, wide trousers like it's styled in the lookbook. H&M in general and their trend section has been one of my favourite places to shop for years, you can get really stylish and standout looking pieces for really good prices and then pop over to the other side of the shop to get a few cheap basics and you're ready to mix and match.

1. Sailor shirt 
2. Lyocell dress

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Wide leg

Wide leg trousers are going to be huge this spring. I ignored them last time but for SS14 I am determined to give them a go. But grudingly. I have been living by the motto of volume on top, skinny fit down below for as long as I can remember. Skinny jeans and a big jumper is my favourite uniform. But it's good to try new things and there is something very grown up about a wider leg, maybe because it forces you to wear a more tailored top half and often a heel. So how to do the wide leg? A great outfit is all about balance. If the bottom is going out, the top must come in. Go for a pair that sits high on the waist and tuck in your top half. I'm thinking of pairing one of the above with tight, fine knit polo necks (of which I have too many already, hooray!). These are my current three favourites.

1. ASOS trousers in slouch wide leg
2. H&M wide trousers
3. ASOS wide leg trousers in satin

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Knees up

I'd been thinking about investing in a pair of over the knee boots for a while and I think I might have to seriously start looking now. I've been seeing far too many fabulously styled outfits with them included. Plus, they look pretty warm. Part of my head (the optimistic side) is saying not to buy some now because winter is nearly over but the other side (the realist) says don't worry, it'll be cold till about August so buy away! The latter is probably right. I want a pretty simple pair, probably black with no bells or whistles and a flat-ish heel. I think I'd pair them with mini skirts, wool tights and lots of knitwear on top. Here are a few I've got my eye on.

1. ASOS Kensal leather over the knee boots
2. Aldo leather freiwen over the knee boots
3. ASOS Kingston leather over the knee boots
4. ASOS Kool leather over the knee boots

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Photo shoot

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had a good night, crazy or relaxed, and are recovering ok today! (Lots of tea is the only way and maybe a bacon sandwich or two). I was so happy to check my email today and find loads of  pictures from my friend Kirsty who is studying fashion at university. I met her a few months ago whilst at work and she asked me to model some clothes for her coursework. I was really nervous as I've never modelled in my life but she was great and gave me loads of help and tips. I also loved the styling, especially a pair of amazing velvet tartan trousers and a long navy cape (I have to get myself one of those!). Here's a few of my favourite shots (and pose!).