Friday, 31 May 2013

COS edit

1. Cotton and linen shirt

2. A-line jersey skirt

3. Sheer detail skirt

4. V-neck printed dress

5. Jacquard blazer

6. A-line denim skirt

7. Leather lace up sandals

8. Structured A-line dress

9. Silk angora jumper

10. Cotton and linen dress

Here are the best ten pieces new in at COS right now. If you've never heard of COS it's definitely a name you need on your radar. The pieces are beautiful, you can tell straight away how much thought has gone into the cut, fabric choice and style of each item. I love how COS makes pieces that are on trend but completely timeless at the same time. My first purchase from COS was a navy blue cocoon coat and I just love it. Putting it on instantly adds style points to whatever I'm wearing. I'll never have to start the dreaded (yet kind of fun, I love a good fashion related challenge!) decision of what winter coat to buy because I'll be taking this out year after year. It looks just as good as it did now as it did fifty million wears ago when I bought it last October.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Summer dressing

We've just had (and on a bank holiday too!) a few days of some of the nicest weather we've had all year. In true Brit style I've been spending the past few days in beer gardens, parks and generally just being outside as much as possible. I've even caught the sun a tiny bit. This is good and bad, good for lightly bronzed shoulders but not so good that you can blatantly tell which side I've been carrying my canvas bag. Here's an arrangement of what I've been wearing the past few days. The denim skirt is from ASOS, Polka dot camisole from Primark, wide leg, printed trousers from H&M and sandals from George Asda (last year). I've been staring at them in my wardrobe and wishing I could wear them for about 2 months! So good to finally wear them. Of course, it has started raining again but I'm staying optimistic. What are you waiting for summer to wear?

Monday, 20 May 2013

My style 1

I've been thinking of posting some of my own style for a while but have been hesitant about it. I'm an absolute style blog addict but never really felt the need to post any of myself. But I thought why not? It'd be a fun project and great way to look (or laugh) at things I was wearing a year or however long from now. I'm still going to have lots of street style and high street and designer edits but with maybe the odd appearance from me every now and again. I hope you enjoy this post!

Now I'm thinking about it, all items, boots, dungarees and shirt are from Topshop (cough, addict, cough) except for the tights which are Primark. I got the dress recently, the boots in the sale last week and the shirt a while ago. I can't believe how versatile dungarees are, you can stick anything under them (and you should always have something under them), jumpers, shirts, t-shirts, tunics, it's endless. I'm waiting for an amazing ruffled jumpsuit to come in at ASOS, it been ages since it was in the ASOS magazine. I always know it's right to buy something if I can't get it out of my head.

Monday, 13 May 2013


Hey there. More street style today. This was near to the triangle on a very windy Saturday, or maybe Friday. I'm not sure! Working shifts can make you start to confuse the days a little! The part of her outfit that drew me first and the most were her shoes, I just love them. I think they make the entire outfit. That flash of pink that really warms up the denim and khaki jacket. They are a really personal touch, like the scarf and brooch. She definitely seems like the kind of person who would put her own cool spin on everything. I always think it can look a bit funny when you see a group of girls or boys who all have on practically the same outfit and hairstyle. I always wonder if they haven't noticed or if they have but don't want to say anything. Or maybe they think that's good. I don't know. It's definitely dull.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Couple 4

I spotted this couple just by the Triangle and I love their style. I love the mix of neutral and earthy tones, browns, greys and whites, and how they are both matching with the scarves, jackets and plimsolls. It's cool because they complement each other so well yet still look really unique. Like The Kooples adverts but maybe for Mango or Zara. Or something a little more Urban, maybe. They were visiting from The Netherlands which made me want to go on holiday there very much, I've been about 5 times and I love it. Such a friendly city, beautiful architecture, great style, amazing bars and cafes and the noodle version of Subway (amazing!). Plus you can cycle everywhere (Save the earth, money and your health in one!) as the city is perfectly designed to accommodate cyclists. Cycling around Manchester can be a bit dangerous really, I'd be a bit terrified I think!

Sunday, 5 May 2013


Hello! I've got some more street style for you today. I spotted these girls straight away walking up past Zara and really wanted to take their photo. Their looks really reminded me of being young (not that I'm old but you know what I mean) and having fun with clothes and not taking them too seriously. Polka dot jeans, bowler hats, sheepskin, acid wash denim - why not? It totally works. And of course the fun with fashion shouldn't stop when you're not young, personally I think you should have even more of it, but you can't beat the time you first start to get to grips with what you wear and start asking, what clothes are 'me'? I've been through so many phases, some great, some a disaster. I've had my designer phase at about 13 where I used to hunt around the charity shops for t-shirts that had FCUK across the front (shudder) and then the vintage phases where I used to (it seems anyway) look for the most mad, crazy, preferably in need of serious repair piece of clothing, stick a belt round it and out the door I went. But it's all part of the process. Not everyone might agree but I really think that you can find yourself through clothes. Wearing some things really requires you to up your confidence levels and trust your own choices and feelings. If you want to wear something but your reason not to involves someone else's opinion, then get that thing over your head right now and get out the door! God I love fashion.