Thursday, 27 June 2013


I start a new job today and was lusting over this jumpsuit all day long. Plus a loose trouser and crop top set which I would be showing you, but it's not online yet, or maybe anymore (I hope not!). It's really gorgeous, loose and floaty, an intricate, pale dusky green and cream floral print. There's a midi skirt to go with it as well. But the jumpsuit, I really liked too. It's so fun. I don't think I could pull off grumpy in an all in one. I'd pair it with a crisp white shirt to androgen-ise it a little and trusty black brogues. I'm determined to prevent too much mental spending though whilst I work and I'm going to get on the eBay train and start selling some of my older, no longer worn clothes. I'll post when I do, please feel free to check out (and buy! haha) anything that catches your fancy.

1. Jumpsuit - Tokyo Doll at New Look

2. Shirt - New Look

3. Brogues - New Look

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Isabel Marant and H&M

I've heard a rumor that Isabel Marant is doing a collaboration with H&M! I am extremely excited. H&M really do have the upper hand when it comes to collaborations. Karl Largarfeld, Versace Lanvin, Maison Martin Margiela, Stella McCartney, and these are not just any designers. Every season they are new, unique and brave and push the limits of what a modern woman is selecting out of her wardrobe today. You can't fault H&m's taste. Plus it makes it affordable for the rest of us. This is not an opportunity to just buy into a label you couldn't normally afford. It's not buying into status, it's more buying into a lifestyle, or into the kind of woman their clothes are designed for. The Isabel Marent girl is effortlessly cool, feminine and strong. The kind of woman who wants the kind of wardrobe you can just fall into in the morning and always come out looking the perfect balance between casual, sexy and bohemian. Now who doesn't want a slice of that? Out November time.

(The lady herself - photo taken from

Monday, 17 June 2013


As you may have already read, I am a bit obsessed with fashion magazines. I cannot get enough of them, especially Elle, I think I have about 50+ of them now. I used to have the same amount before I started collecting this bunch but they were practically turning lace-like from all the pictures I'd snipped out for collages. These are getting a bit like that now too, but still good for a while!

(As many of my collection that I can fit into my camera lens)

But now of course you have fashion websites, blogs and online magazines. You could literally search all day and read and look at all the beautiful pictures (tumblr is like a giant, never ending collage!) till you've had your fill. There are some really good ones out there. Including, STYLIGHT (click here) that i joined around a month ago. It's a great mix of different things, an online magazine (which also has style info for men, click here!), mood boards and you get your own profile. It's a great way to start blogging if you're new to it, or a great way to spread the word about a current blog.

Here's my profile...

There's lots of street style on the main page from other users and you can post your own style too - some of the photography is gorgeous - and include on your board what's inspired you. It's mad what can inspire you sometimes. Remember my subconscious desire to dress like a perfume bottle (click here)? My favourite bit is the magazine of course! They reviews lots of bloggers, post trends, street style and fashion news. Plus you can even shop on there. Actually shop! Click here to start! Brands like Carven to Dolce and Gabbana to Vivienne Westwood. And recommend items to others (once you've nabbed it in your size of course haha). Here's my current picks (click here to view):

I love that magazines are focusing more on bloggers now, I find it much more inspiring seeing someone who has to dress for work 5 days out of 7, has to compete with schizophrenic weather (it's June, what is going on?!) and doesn't have unlimited funds. I don't think money buys style, but it can definitely help. As can hours and hours of scrolling through STYLIGHT, enjoy!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Selfridges Sale edit

It's the Selfridges sale tomorrow! I completely recommend a look, some of the bargains there are unreal. Most of it's far more than half price and of course, there might be a repeat of the time I saw several sets of Prada shoes on the rack....£90 each! How do you sale shop? Arrive at opening time on the day or risk waiting a few days to nab even more marked down prices? I've picked out the my top ten favorites just for you.

1. Printed T-shirt - Alexander McQueen

2. Tulip dress - Jil Sander

3. Shellie Dress - Ralph Lauren

4. Duck Print top - Marni Edition

5. Snake-effect cashmere jumper - Equipment

6. Panelled skirt - Marni Edition

7. Embroidered asymmetrical dress - Isabel Marant

8. Colour-block dress - Helmut Lang

9. Laser cut leather shorts - Diane Von Furstenberg

10. Marc Jacobs Lita Cheetah jumper

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Top ten New Look

I love New Look for a number of reasons. It really can be your go to place for almost everything. But my ultimate favourite thing about it? If you take a 12 to the changing rooms, it will be a 12. Not a 10 masquerading as a 12 to make us all feel fat but an actual 12. Shops base their sizes, for example a size 12, on the average size of a group of size 12 ladies who shop there. Clearly, the average shopper, is awesome.

It's also fantastic for trends and designer collaborations. My favourite bit is the shoe lounge. So many of my favourite shoes come from there. They sometimes repeat stock a few shoes each year too which is great, especially if like me you wear your favourite shoes to death. Shoes just seem to fall apart on my feet, I think it's a curse. And lastly, the price! It's so reasonable. You can get a whole outfit from there for £50 no problem. Less even. And that's shoes included.

So to celebrate their general fab-ness, here's my top ten new in:

1. Aztec skirt

2. Monochrome grid skirt

3. Triangle necklace

4. Mesh polka dot skirt

5. Flower print dress

6. Green floral skirt

7. Transparent clutch

8. Polka dot denim skirt

9. Denim Pinafore

10. Gold rainbow necklace