Sunday, 15 December 2013

Best of COS

COS - standing for Collection of Style - is one of my all time favourite brands. Their clothes are timeless and simple but always with something subtle under the surface that makes each piece to die for. Expect soft, luxurious fabrics in relaxed and imaginative cuts. Great for basics and great for those one off standout items that will lift the rest of your wardrobe for years to come. And the best bit - very reasonable prices! These are my top ten picks in store and online now. Prepare to want everything!

1. Cashmere hat

2. Extra wide cardigan

3. Wool and silk cardigan

4. Block heel leather shoes

5. Cotton silk tailored dress

6. Cable knit jumper

7. Square-cut jumper

8. Milano knit cardigan

9. Melange wide shirt

10. Wool-mix trousers

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