Monday, 28 January 2013


I found this photo today when I was making space on my camera. I think it was late November, very early December last year. I took it in London in the gift shop inside the V&A (amazing by the way). Yes, it's a slightly stalker-ish photo but I loved their look and the way they were standing. I'm not usually a tights/leggings with shorts fan but I think the grey and the camel colours make it work, it's softer, more chic and deliberate, less it's-cold-but-I-really-like-shorts. Plus if you look real close (click the photo to make it a little bigger) you can see the beautiful oranges print on her collar, I want that shirt! A khaki jacket is a wardrobe staple and I love how she's paired it with really simple black trousers and monochrome shoes. I saw so many stylish people in London but at the time I was a little shy to stop people (they walk really fast ok!) but I'm going to man up next time I go and take some photos!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Bag edit

1. Rope clutch - Pretty Little

2. Two tone clutch - Pretty Little

3. Black satchel - ASOS

4. Boat bag - Moschino Cheap and Chic at ASOS

5. Green lace clutch - Pretty Little

6. Floral bag - ALDO

7. Moustache bag - ALDO

8. Eyes clutch - Lulu Guinness

9. Perspex bamboo clutch - Charlotte Olympia

10. London taxi clutch - Lulu Guinness

11. Chain mail clutch - Diane von Furstenberg

12. Shell and raffia clutch - Anya Hindmarch

13. Metal corner clutch - New Look

14. Crochet clutch - New Look

15. Sindy clutch - Helen Rochfort at New Look

16. Black with metal bag - New Look

17. White bag - H&M

18. Pink metallic bag - H&M

19. Aztec beaded clutch - Matalan

20. Pink and metal bag - Mango

21. White chain bag - River Island

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I spotted this guy one or two weeks ago in the city centre. I think he looks wicked. His friend, who was with him was also super stylish but a little camera shy (shame!). I love the (Topshop I'm sure) beige trench with leather sleeves against the loose tartan pants and lace up boots. I like how the top half is super smart but the bottom is more relaxed. I really want to wear my tartan trousers again soon but they are cropped and I get really cold ankles! Almost all my favourite trousers are cropped (ankles are my cleavage) but it's snowing at the moment and only wool tights or wool trousers are going to cut it. I'm off to Scotland this week, I went in November last year and it was cold then so I'm scared of how cold it'll be now. I still need to pack! Eeek!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Topshop edit 2

1. Blue skirt

2. Coat

3. Boyfriend Jeans

4. Fluro lace trousers

5. Sandals

6. Moroccan skirt

7. Bracelet

These are the things I am loving the most from 'What's new' at right now. I think I love the coat the most, but the A-line, blue skirt is a close second. Thing is, I kind of (read: definitely) have things that are practically the same. I am really bad for buying the same thing in different colours, I have this one A-line skirt (from Topshop as well, I think I have a problem) in three colours (black, white and navy). And yes, if they bring it out in more, I'm going to buy those as well! I have one jumper in err.....4 colours? They were £6 each though, as you know, I love Primark menswear! As for the coat, I love my coat from COS so much that buying anything else that resembles a coat feels like I'm cheating on it.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Two stylish ladies in one. Both working winter fur, a very stylish way to keep warm (just make sure it's fake! Cheaper, last longer, cruelty free, what's not to love?) and brown lace ups, I love how they've stood the same as well! Both showing a fine example of how a coat doesn't need to be the end of style. Until I bought the coat I have now (thank you COS, you do the best coats, like EVER) I always hated them and despised winter for forcing me to wear one. Because you spend time in the morning putting an outfit together and then you put on the coat and poof, outfit gone. Plus it's very hard when like me, you can only really afford one coat, and it doesn't go with everything you own. Choose safe colours like grey, brown, black or navy. Even white, if you're very brave and a neat eater. Or if all else fails and quality is not a concern, head to Primark and get six for the price of one. Sorted.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Print and colour

I took this photo just by Affleck's Palace in the Northern Quarter area of Manchester. Firstly, I love this outfit. It's a brave mix of colour and print and she pulls it off perfectly. First you have the Prada-esque trousers (from Zara if I'm not mistaken) and the bright blue knit bringing it back to Spring (or so they tell me that's what season were on, the cold says different!). Don't be afraid of a bright colour or a pattern. Not only do they (scientifically) brighten your mood and everyone else's around you, they look amazing. If you're still unsure then do what this clever lady has done and add the ultimate items to bring any brave look back to normality; a black leather biker, a big scarf and your favourite trusty flats. Sorted.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

My wishlist

This is my current wish list. As usual filled mostly with things I can't afford haha. If only I could make all of these things magically appear in front of me. I'll try it.! *looks around* Damn it! How many times do I need to read Harry Potter before I get my own magic powers? How disappointing. This is just like my 11th birthday all over again. (I'm still waiting for my letter Dumbledore). Another thing I'm still waiting for? January payday! Anyone else stuck in the longest and coldest month of their life? Please, please, please ASOS, have those boots in a size 8 till the end of the month! What's on your wishlist at the moment?

1. Burgundy boots - ASOS
2. Beanie - ASOS
3. Leather skirt - Elin Kling x Guess by Marciano
4. Skirt - Tibi

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

30 things under £30

1. Boucle Pinney dress - Topshop
2. Grey jumper - Asos
3. Blue rib beanie - Topshop
4. Nails in Daydream - Topshop
5. Stripe dress - Asos
6. Necklace - Topshop
7. Socks - Topshop
8. Camo Jacket - New Look
9. Neon chandelier earrings - New Look
10. Bow hair slides - New Look
11. Black skirt - New Look
12. Contrast shirt - Mango
13. T-shirt - Mango
14. Scalloped hem shorts - Mango
15. Merino jumper - Uniqulo
16. Polka dot shirt - Uniqulo
17. Boots - H&M
18. Stripe skirt - Matalan
19. Gold heel slippers - Matalan
20. Ballet pumps - River Island
21. Cork Flatform - River Island
22. Cross Bracelet - River Island
23. Grey Marl t-shirt - Oasis
24. Floral loafers - Forever 21
25. Metallic clutch - Forever 21
26. Necklace - Forever 21
27. Baseball jacket - George
28. Grace Coddington - A memoir - Amazon
29. Lip Crayon 'One the cards' - Topshop
30. Pink studded flats - Asos

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Boyfriend Jeans

I'm a little obsessed with boyfriend jeans right now. I do love my skinnies but I can't resist trying out a new silhouette and what better time than now; the wider leg is making a come back for spring. I think there's an androgyny-vibe to a looser fit trouser and I like that. It's subtly sexy in the way that it doesn't reveal the shape of the leg so obviously and I think suggestion beats skin every time.

(photo taken from LellaVictoria) - my favourite personal style blog ever, I have to add!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The other day...

The other day I put on the perfume that I got for Christmas, Florabotanica by Balenciaga, and then went to get dressed. I then looked in the mirror and realised I'd dressed like the bottle! That perfume is powerful stuff!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Golden Lane

I am in love with this bag from Golden Lane by Chris&Tibor! It's totally up my street, structural, geometric, and shiny!

(picture taken from