Wednesday, 18 December 2013


My boyfriend is flying home for Christmas on Sunday so the other day we had a day together, swapping presents and having a roast in the pub (was delicious, thank you Font Fallowfield!). As well as an adorable tea strainer with an owl charm and some of my favourite loose earl grey tea to put in it - I'm drinking a cup using it as I type - he also got me this beautiful black skater dress. I'm in love with how simple it is, in at the waist, long sleeves but then at the back it dips down making it just a tiny bit sexy (just the amount I like!) I know it's not christmas yet but I couldn't resist taking a few pictures to show it to you. It's from ASOS and you can get it here. I got him a black cashmere scarf from COS (avaliable in many colours for your loved ones here) in which I thought he looked very handsome indeed!

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