Sunday, 28 April 2013

Leopard Courts

I love these shoes from Topshop, I can't decide which colour is better! They have the making of a very popular shoe. Pointed court, mid to high heel and two colour lepoard print. Great with jeans, amazing with dresses or skirts. I think I like the white ones, no the blue, argh I don't know! I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing these a lot in magazines and possibly on Olivia Palmero, they remind me of her style a bit. She does have amazing style. It's classic yet brave at the same time. I think grooming plays a big part. Her makeup and hair are just impeccable. Like, perfect. It really counts for a lot. I think clothes look better if your washed and brushed up. I had my hair trimmed the other day at Icehouse Hair studio ( and the hairdresser dried my hair with a little curls and bounce at the bottom - I loved it! I felt like my hair was about to become a new character on 'Made in Chelsea' (mad people, great hair). I'm going to give it a go at home but I'm slightly apprehensive, my hair repertoire pretty much consists of hair down and top knot (lifesaver). I can do some curls with a wand but the success seems to depend on the day haha. Wish me luck!

Friday, 26 April 2013


Hello! Some more street style today! I've not posted for over a week so I went off today into town to hunt for some style. I spotted this girl near The Triangle and I loved the simplicity of her outfit, the khaki coat with the grey t-shirt and the black leather boots (great legs by the way!). It just works really well and looks effortlessly stunning. Really earthy tones. A khaki coat is a great basic to have in your wardrobe, it's practical and casual but still has a bit of fun and girly-ness to it. They suit all shapes and size and go with every colour. A real hero piece. Topshop always has coats similar to this all year round, especially around festival season which has already started. Or for a bit more authenticity and on a budget, check out your local army surplus or vintage store. If you live in Manchester the the shops in the Northern Quarter are a great place to hunt one out and Affleck's Palace too.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


I've been staring longingly at this silky matching set from Zara for ages. And as I've not shopped for a while I nipped down at lunch the other day and bought it. I love the pattern, it's not too much and not too bright. Plus the I can wear them as separates too, the top will go with jeans and the trousers with any kind of top really. I'll probably go with loose t-shirts and jumpers with shirts underneath. I can't wait to wear them together as well, but it'll be a while till I can wear it, it brightened up for a few days but the wind today was insane. The thunder too, my whole office went silent for a second when it started to rumble and it's normally a fairly noisy place. It's nearly May, it's very unfair. Anyone else got any outfits they are having to save for a much warmer day?

Monday, 15 April 2013

Les Chiffoniers

I am absolutely in love with this top by Les Chiffoniers. I saw it in the More Dash than Cash supplement with Vogue this month. I did try to take a photo of the magazine but it didn't really show you the quality and detail photographed twice. I know it's all part of reading Vogue, lusting over the beautiful designer creations, which I love, but whatever dash is, it's worth more than cash! Hence the unrequited love I'm experiencing with the gorgeous creation above. But I forgive them, there's so much more to Vogue. The photo shoots are sometimes out of this world and it's a very romantic magazine, especially the way the articles are written. The words are almost like lyrics, and encourage the reader to imagine and lose themselves a little. I like it, it's like a happy fashion day dream. Does anyone else know what I mean? But back to the item above. I flipped to this page and was just like oh my god! It looks like an amazing over size, ribbed wool jumper but it's made of the most buttery soft looking, creamy pink leather instead! Therefore catapulting it from comfy and casual, to both of those things plus an edge.

(photo taken from Les

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fantasy shopping - Net-a-Porter edit

I don't know why I do it to myself but I can't resist a rummage through Net-a-Porter every now again. Everything on there is just so beautiful, here's a top ten list of my favourite items. Yes, I know, some of them are eye wateringly expensive but fashion is all about fantasy after all. I can't decide on a favourite, I'm pretty much in love with every single item. And they weirdly all go together. Like if you added a grey t-shirt to the mix (to tuck into the skirts, or possibly even under the Helmet Lang dress?) you'd have a very glamorous capsule wardrobe indeed.

1. Metallic leather pumps - Chloe

2. Embellished printed satin dress - Proenza Schouler

3. Ghent fine-knit cashmere and silk-blend sweater - The Row

4. Ombré silk cocoon coat - Burberry Prosum

5. Jacquard dress - Helmut Lang

6. Patchwork cotton landscape dress - Vika Gazinskaya

7. Studded patent-leather flats - Valentino

8. Pandora Perspex clutch - Charlotte Oylmpia

9. Panelled satin skirt - Proenza Schouler

10. Lace-appliquéd taped silk-organza skirt - Christopher Kane

Monday, 8 April 2013

Denim and khaki

Hello! More street style today. I spotted this lady in Piccadilly gardens a week or two ago. I love how fun the outfit was, really cute and casual. I love denim and khaki together and the cream fur gilet and the statement necklace adds a touch of personality. She also had a gorgeous black Chanel bag, I spend so long online lusting over them! I'd love to invest in one, one day, but that day is not today! The 2.55 is my favourite. Not too big, not too small, in black. I love just having one bag, normally black, nice and simple and generally quite big as I'm definitely a everything-but-the-kitchen-sink person. I need a new bag at the moment as my current one is a little battered but it's so hard to find a bag you love enough to carry it everyday. Does anyone else need a bag that's 'them' in a weird way? Like it has to feel 'right' on your arm. I have a male friend who thinks it's odd that women have to look at a bag on them in a mirror before they buy it but I totally get it.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Warm layers

I love this outfit. It looks so warm and cosy and comfy, but really glamorous at the same time. I think it's the black leather boots with the gold tips (want!) and the brown leather bag, which I think is from Zara. I like that the scarf and grey flecked boyfriend coat are oversized and accentuated by the skinny jeans - if you look closely they have little dots on them. They are so cute.

I can't believe it's April already. Though I do love the beginning of the month because all the new magazines comes out and I am a complete magazine-addict. My favourite is Elle, but I'm really loving InStyle at the moment. They always have so many pages and pages of clothes and they are always styled beautifully! Their fashion team are genius! I also really love Look magazine. I think it's the best weekly. Again, pages and pages of clothes and they really encourage people to push the style boundaries and try new things, which I'm always a big fan of!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Bank holiday shopping

As it was a bank holiday weekend, I did do a little shopping with my friend on Friday. These are two of the things I bought and have been wearing all weekend, as you can see I've scuffed one of the boots already haha. The boots are from New Look (click here) and also come in black. They do remind me a little of the Chloe buckle boots but not too much so. I'm sort of on the fence with designer 'copies' on the high street. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The jumper is from Primark, I've been wearing it with a white shirt underneath. I did buy a couple more things which I might show you later, but they are mainly pieces for summer that will have to be stored away for a month or two. I can't wait for warmer weather, there are so many outfits I want to wear! I've been thinking recently of posting some of my own style soon, but I'm not too sure yet!