Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Choices, choices

I am in love with COS jewellery. It's simple and elegant but always has an edge. Any piece is perfect for making your outfit instantly more stylish. I think it really suits the simple lines of the clothes and always looks like a cool one off, the kind of hidden gem people assume you found hidden deep in a flea market somewhere on holiday. I love how all the pieces are always very tactile. They use a lot of fabrics like velvet, jersey or metals in bronze, gold and silver. You can't help but pick them up! They also have a new sterling silver range available in some stores and online (prices from £25). Clean lines and amazing value. Perfect for any last minute gift buying you need to do. These four are my favourites.

1. Velvet bead necklace

2. Sterling silver necklace

3. Folded grosgrain necklace (also in an amazing bright orange!)

4. Braided jersey necklace

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