Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I know Christmas isn't even here yet but I'm so excited for New Year’s Eve already! Mainly because the theme for the party I'm going to is Myths and Legends and that means I can get this dress out again. I've only ever worn it once before for a party in university that had the same theme (and once to lectures the first day I bought with an oversize jumper - I thought I looked very cool indeed but I got some odd looks. Maybe a little overdressed for 9.30am. Girls got to do what she can to make getting up at that time easier! Gowns are my coffee). I got it at a vintage store in Bangor high street that sadly closed in my third year. I think it cost £15 at the time and I also got a toothpaste stripe, red and white halter dress I wish I still had, it's disappeared over too many harsh clear outs and house moves. Luckily this one has survived! I'm going to pair it with wings and ballet slippers and maybe even find some floral tattoos for my arms and neck.Can't wait!

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