Thursday, 12 December 2013


I've decided I will not be defeated by the rain today and am off into town to do my last few bits of christmas shopping and to meet friends for a cup of tea and a catch up at one of my favourite places 'Home Sweet Home' in Manchester. Although it's wet today it's not too cold (14 degrees, thank you Google!) so I'm going with lots of layers I can put on or take off as I need too. I'm wearing my ultimate lazy day uniform; black leather leggings from Next (totally obsessed with them, even the rip in the left knee hasn't slowed me down), grey t-shirt from Primark, pumps from Primark, navy wool coat from COS and bag from Zara. The scarf is a gift (read long term lend) from my mum. I've even gone for a bit of optimism up top as well and curled my hair using a Tresemme curling wand. It's the only curler I've found that keeps my stubbornly straight hair curled for the whole day, even with the rain! Right, I'm off out, wish me luck!

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