Thursday, 28 February 2013

Polka dots

Hi! Another photo for you today but before that I just want to thank all of the people who are following me, it means so much and I am 100% shame free in admitting that I do a little hooray every time I see another one! I hope you all continue to enjoy the content and I always love feedback so feel free to comment away if the mood takes you! So the photo, firstly, I just love this. The minute I saw them my face just lit up and I was nervous as sometimes women are a little more hesitant to have their photo taken but after a little persuasion they agreed. I love how well they match and compliment each other; the hair style, the neutral colours and of course all the fabulous polka dots. I think these looks are elegant, what with the patent bags, leather gloves and scarves but still kept fresh and fun (it's all in the dots!).

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