Monday, 25 February 2013

Green coat

I'm updating my blog today from London, although this photo was taken in Manchester. I'm on holiday with my boyfriend and it's been ace so far. We've been to the Harry Potter studio tour (I am a total geek for Harry Potter!) and it was amazing, you get to see everything and it's not all behind glass. Well. most of it's behind ropes but you can get good photos and make some of the animatronics move and stuff. But anyway, the photo! I loved the colours the most, the dark green oversize coat against the beige shirt and her white blonde hair. The statement red lips and the flash of white from the strap of her bag make another lovely contrast, keeping the outfit edgy, interesting and fun. I saw the same girl another time soon after but didn't have my camera. Pleased to report however that she looked just as stylish as now! No accidents here!

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