Thursday, 7 February 2013

Shoe love

I love these shoes from ASOS! They are so gorgeous. I love the Perspex heel and the colours. Total statement shoes. They look really expensive as well, plus they are on sale! I really need to start wearing heels again, I've lived in flats this winter. Thanks to JW Anderson for Topshop loafers, and now they are coming in pink as well for the second collection (due on the 15th!) I'll probably be wearing flats all summer too.

I can't wait for summer. I feel like I've had cold ankles for ages (all my trousers are cropped for some reason). It even snowed where I am the other day but it was all slush by the afternoon. Which is kind of good actually, slush is much less slippery than ice. The last time it snowed and it all turned to ice, literally the first step I took out of my drive at 6.30 am in the dark with my suitcase found me falling (like Bambi taking his first steps) on my bum. At least no one was around to see it I guess!

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