Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Summer dressing

We've just had (and on a bank holiday too!) a few days of some of the nicest weather we've had all year. In true Brit style I've been spending the past few days in beer gardens, parks and generally just being outside as much as possible. I've even caught the sun a tiny bit. This is good and bad, good for lightly bronzed shoulders but not so good that you can blatantly tell which side I've been carrying my canvas bag. Here's an arrangement of what I've been wearing the past few days. The denim skirt is from ASOS, Polka dot camisole from Primark, wide leg, printed trousers from H&M and sandals from George Asda (last year). I've been staring at them in my wardrobe and wishing I could wear them for about 2 months! So good to finally wear them. Of course, it has started raining again but I'm staying optimistic. What are you waiting for summer to wear?

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