Thursday, 9 May 2013

Couple 4

I spotted this couple just by the Triangle and I love their style. I love the mix of neutral and earthy tones, browns, greys and whites, and how they are both matching with the scarves, jackets and plimsolls. It's cool because they complement each other so well yet still look really unique. Like The Kooples adverts but maybe for Mango or Zara. Or something a little more Urban, maybe. They were visiting from The Netherlands which made me want to go on holiday there very much, I've been about 5 times and I love it. Such a friendly city, beautiful architecture, great style, amazing bars and cafes and the noodle version of Subway (amazing!). Plus you can cycle everywhere (Save the earth, money and your health in one!) as the city is perfectly designed to accommodate cyclists. Cycling around Manchester can be a bit dangerous really, I'd be a bit terrified I think!

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