Sunday, 5 May 2013


Hello! I've got some more street style for you today. I spotted these girls straight away walking up past Zara and really wanted to take their photo. Their looks really reminded me of being young (not that I'm old but you know what I mean) and having fun with clothes and not taking them too seriously. Polka dot jeans, bowler hats, sheepskin, acid wash denim - why not? It totally works. And of course the fun with fashion shouldn't stop when you're not young, personally I think you should have even more of it, but you can't beat the time you first start to get to grips with what you wear and start asking, what clothes are 'me'? I've been through so many phases, some great, some a disaster. I've had my designer phase at about 13 where I used to hunt around the charity shops for t-shirts that had FCUK across the front (shudder) and then the vintage phases where I used to (it seems anyway) look for the most mad, crazy, preferably in need of serious repair piece of clothing, stick a belt round it and out the door I went. But it's all part of the process. Not everyone might agree but I really think that you can find yourself through clothes. Wearing some things really requires you to up your confidence levels and trust your own choices and feelings. If you want to wear something but your reason not to involves someone else's opinion, then get that thing over your head right now and get out the door! God I love fashion.

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