Friday, 31 May 2013

COS edit

1. Cotton and linen shirt

2. A-line jersey skirt

3. Sheer detail skirt

4. V-neck printed dress

5. Jacquard blazer

6. A-line denim skirt

7. Leather lace up sandals

8. Structured A-line dress

9. Silk angora jumper

10. Cotton and linen dress

Here are the best ten pieces new in at COS right now. If you've never heard of COS it's definitely a name you need on your radar. The pieces are beautiful, you can tell straight away how much thought has gone into the cut, fabric choice and style of each item. I love how COS makes pieces that are on trend but completely timeless at the same time. My first purchase from COS was a navy blue cocoon coat and I just love it. Putting it on instantly adds style points to whatever I'm wearing. I'll never have to start the dreaded (yet kind of fun, I love a good fashion related challenge!) decision of what winter coat to buy because I'll be taking this out year after year. It looks just as good as it did now as it did fifty million wears ago when I bought it last October.

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