Monday, 20 May 2013

My style 1

I've been thinking of posting some of my own style for a while but have been hesitant about it. I'm an absolute style blog addict but never really felt the need to post any of myself. But I thought why not? It'd be a fun project and great way to look (or laugh) at things I was wearing a year or however long from now. I'm still going to have lots of street style and high street and designer edits but with maybe the odd appearance from me every now and again. I hope you enjoy this post!

Now I'm thinking about it, all items, boots, dungarees and shirt are from Topshop (cough, addict, cough) except for the tights which are Primark. I got the dress recently, the boots in the sale last week and the shirt a while ago. I can't believe how versatile dungarees are, you can stick anything under them (and you should always have something under them), jumpers, shirts, t-shirts, tunics, it's endless. I'm waiting for an amazing ruffled jumpsuit to come in at ASOS, it been ages since it was in the ASOS magazine. I always know it's right to buy something if I can't get it out of my head.

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