Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I spotted this guy one or two weeks ago in the city centre. I think he looks wicked. His friend, who was with him was also super stylish but a little camera shy (shame!). I love the (Topshop I'm sure) beige trench with leather sleeves against the loose tartan pants and lace up boots. I like how the top half is super smart but the bottom is more relaxed. I really want to wear my tartan trousers again soon but they are cropped and I get really cold ankles! Almost all my favourite trousers are cropped (ankles are my cleavage) but it's snowing at the moment and only wool tights or wool trousers are going to cut it. I'm off to Scotland this week, I went in November last year and it was cold then so I'm scared of how cold it'll be now. I still need to pack! Eeek!

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