Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Print and colour

I took this photo just by Affleck's Palace in the Northern Quarter area of Manchester. Firstly, I love this outfit. It's a brave mix of colour and print and she pulls it off perfectly. First you have the Prada-esque trousers (from Zara if I'm not mistaken) and the bright blue knit bringing it back to Spring (or so they tell me that's what season were on, the cold says different!). Don't be afraid of a bright colour or a pattern. Not only do they (scientifically) brighten your mood and everyone else's around you, they look amazing. If you're still unsure then do what this clever lady has done and add the ultimate items to bring any brave look back to normality; a black leather biker, a big scarf and your favourite trusty flats. Sorted.

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