Sunday, 20 January 2013

Topshop edit 2

1. Blue skirt

2. Coat

3. Boyfriend Jeans

4. Fluro lace trousers

5. Sandals

6. Moroccan skirt

7. Bracelet

These are the things I am loving the most from 'What's new' at right now. I think I love the coat the most, but the A-line, blue skirt is a close second. Thing is, I kind of (read: definitely) have things that are practically the same. I am really bad for buying the same thing in different colours, I have this one A-line skirt (from Topshop as well, I think I have a problem) in three colours (black, white and navy). And yes, if they bring it out in more, I'm going to buy those as well! I have one jumper in err.....4 colours? They were £6 each though, as you know, I love Primark menswear! As for the coat, I love my coat from COS so much that buying anything else that resembles a coat feels like I'm cheating on it.

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