Thursday, 17 January 2013


Two stylish ladies in one. Both working winter fur, a very stylish way to keep warm (just make sure it's fake! Cheaper, last longer, cruelty free, what's not to love?) and brown lace ups, I love how they've stood the same as well! Both showing a fine example of how a coat doesn't need to be the end of style. Until I bought the coat I have now (thank you COS, you do the best coats, like EVER) I always hated them and despised winter for forcing me to wear one. Because you spend time in the morning putting an outfit together and then you put on the coat and poof, outfit gone. Plus it's very hard when like me, you can only really afford one coat, and it doesn't go with everything you own. Choose safe colours like grey, brown, black or navy. Even white, if you're very brave and a neat eater. Or if all else fails and quality is not a concern, head to Primark and get six for the price of one. Sorted.

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