Monday, 28 January 2013


I found this photo today when I was making space on my camera. I think it was late November, very early December last year. I took it in London in the gift shop inside the V&A (amazing by the way). Yes, it's a slightly stalker-ish photo but I loved their look and the way they were standing. I'm not usually a tights/leggings with shorts fan but I think the grey and the camel colours make it work, it's softer, more chic and deliberate, less it's-cold-but-I-really-like-shorts. Plus if you look real close (click the photo to make it a little bigger) you can see the beautiful oranges print on her collar, I want that shirt! A khaki jacket is a wardrobe staple and I love how she's paired it with really simple black trousers and monochrome shoes. I saw so many stylish people in London but at the time I was a little shy to stop people (they walk really fast ok!) but I'm going to man up next time I go and take some photos!

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