Thursday, 4 April 2013

Warm layers

I love this outfit. It looks so warm and cosy and comfy, but really glamorous at the same time. I think it's the black leather boots with the gold tips (want!) and the brown leather bag, which I think is from Zara. I like that the scarf and grey flecked boyfriend coat are oversized and accentuated by the skinny jeans - if you look closely they have little dots on them. They are so cute.

I can't believe it's April already. Though I do love the beginning of the month because all the new magazines comes out and I am a complete magazine-addict. My favourite is Elle, but I'm really loving InStyle at the moment. They always have so many pages and pages of clothes and they are always styled beautifully! Their fashion team are genius! I also really love Look magazine. I think it's the best weekly. Again, pages and pages of clothes and they really encourage people to push the style boundaries and try new things, which I'm always a big fan of!

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