Monday, 15 April 2013

Les Chiffoniers

I am absolutely in love with this top by Les Chiffoniers. I saw it in the More Dash than Cash supplement with Vogue this month. I did try to take a photo of the magazine but it didn't really show you the quality and detail photographed twice. I know it's all part of reading Vogue, lusting over the beautiful designer creations, which I love, but whatever dash is, it's worth more than cash! Hence the unrequited love I'm experiencing with the gorgeous creation above. But I forgive them, there's so much more to Vogue. The photo shoots are sometimes out of this world and it's a very romantic magazine, especially the way the articles are written. The words are almost like lyrics, and encourage the reader to imagine and lose themselves a little. I like it, it's like a happy fashion day dream. Does anyone else know what I mean? But back to the item above. I flipped to this page and was just like oh my god! It looks like an amazing over size, ribbed wool jumper but it's made of the most buttery soft looking, creamy pink leather instead! Therefore catapulting it from comfy and casual, to both of those things plus an edge.

(photo taken from Les

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