Friday, 26 April 2013


Hello! Some more street style today! I've not posted for over a week so I went off today into town to hunt for some style. I spotted this girl near The Triangle and I loved the simplicity of her outfit, the khaki coat with the grey t-shirt and the black leather boots (great legs by the way!). It just works really well and looks effortlessly stunning. Really earthy tones. A khaki coat is a great basic to have in your wardrobe, it's practical and casual but still has a bit of fun and girly-ness to it. They suit all shapes and size and go with every colour. A real hero piece. Topshop always has coats similar to this all year round, especially around festival season which has already started. Or for a bit more authenticity and on a budget, check out your local army surplus or vintage store. If you live in Manchester the the shops in the Northern Quarter are a great place to hunt one out and Affleck's Palace too.

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