Thursday, 9 January 2014

The big T

How amazing is this t-shirt from ASOS? I love that it's in white, it looks clean and slightly sporty and the layering options are endless. It's a piece that will instantly bring your outfit up a few style points, if you pair it with leather leggings, printed trousers or just denim shorts in summer. Now stay with me on this one, but the t-shirt is going to be a big trend this spring/summer. Yes I know that sounds weird. But what it means is the t-shirt silhouette, exaggerated, almost cartoon like shape. As if you accidentally bought a size or two bigger but it doesn't hang off your shoulders, it stands up on it's own. A second trend is mesh. So this is a two-birds-one-stone item all for under £30, get it now!

1. ASOS t-shirt with organza panels

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