Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Gee! - ometric

I've been obsessing over this bag for months. But as it's more money than I've ever spent on one item (bar a coat) I can't afford it until payday and even then I'm going to still have major guilt. But look at it! It's perfect! And you could totally fit an umbrella in it; very important when you like in the UK! It's structured, simple and the leather feels beautiful (yes I've even visited it in store). It's a lot more 3D than the picture shows, good size as I said and has a stiff, boxy feel making it the perfect everyday bag. It would go with everything too. I mentioned I was obsessed right? So I'll let fate decide. If it's still in stock by the time I can afford it then the universe wants me to have it.

Bag - COS

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