Saturday, 11 January 2014

Dior exhibition

I found myself with nothing to do today so was very happy when my friend told me about the Christian Dior exhibition at The Gallery of Costume in Platt Fields Park. I can't believe I had no idea it was on and very luckily just managed to catch it in time, the last day is tomorrow so hurry if you want to see some truly gorgeous Dior creations plus fashion from as early as the 1600 to the 1960's - 2000's. The building the exhibition is held in is worth a look itself - I am in love with old buildings! - and has tea rooms serving tea and cake, perfect to discuss the beautiful dresses over, or to warm you up before bracing the cold again. Above are a few close ups I took of my favourite things. I would kill for a few hours alone in there to try everything on! Or I'd settle for taking the dress above on the far right home. I would wear it all summer long, it is so light and airy, sigh, a girl can dream!

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