Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Crop top and trousers

Here are the crop top, trousers and midi skirt I was telling you about the other day. So pretty, the online picture doesn't do them full justice. Plus now they are on sale, hooray! No need to choose between the trousers and skirt. The dress code at where I now work is really flexible but after almost 3 years of working in an office I think I'd feel bizarre walking into work with my midriff out (That's max two inches below the bra line to remain chic by the way, if you can see your belly button you've gone too far!). I'd be like, surely this is not ok?? I'm reasonably conservative dresser really, well bar my love of a mini skirt (how many do I have now? Like ten? Always with tights!) I only have to wear something sleeveless and I'm worry it's too much haha. But it's great to have the opportunity to be more adventurous, I vow to experiment!

1. Crop top - Rubee B at New Look
2. Trousers - Rubee B at New Look
3. Skirt - Rubee B at New Look

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