Thursday, 27 June 2013


I start a new job today and was lusting over this jumpsuit all day long. Plus a loose trouser and crop top set which I would be showing you, but it's not online yet, or maybe anymore (I hope not!). It's really gorgeous, loose and floaty, an intricate, pale dusky green and cream floral print. There's a midi skirt to go with it as well. But the jumpsuit, I really liked too. It's so fun. I don't think I could pull off grumpy in an all in one. I'd pair it with a crisp white shirt to androgen-ise it a little and trusty black brogues. I'm determined to prevent too much mental spending though whilst I work and I'm going to get on the eBay train and start selling some of my older, no longer worn clothes. I'll post when I do, please feel free to check out (and buy! haha) anything that catches your fancy.

1. Jumpsuit - Tokyo Doll at New Look

2. Shirt - New Look

3. Brogues - New Look

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