Sunday, 21 July 2013

Street Style Sunday

Hello! Can't believe it's nearly the end of June already! This year has flown by. I hope the sun doesn't though, I've heard we've got two more weeks of it and I want every day of those 14 please. More street style today. I took this one the other day in the Northen Quarter - my favourite place to go style hunting - and spotted this woman. I love all the different elements in this outfit. The stark white dress, the mesh panel, acid wash denim jacket, the pumps, the bag with a very long strap (which I love) and then backwards baseball cap. I think it takes a certain level of cool to pull the latter off, and she'd definitley got it. It's kind of 90's meets sports luxe. Don't be afraid of mixing different styles together, you never know what will work. Put a leather jacket over a cute girly dress or a big jumper over a fancy skirt. Opposites attract.

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