Sunday, 23 June 2013

Isabel Marant and H&M

I've heard a rumor that Isabel Marant is doing a collaboration with H&M! I am extremely excited. H&M really do have the upper hand when it comes to collaborations. Karl Largarfeld, Versace Lanvin, Maison Martin Margiela, Stella McCartney, and these are not just any designers. Every season they are new, unique and brave and push the limits of what a modern woman is selecting out of her wardrobe today. You can't fault H&m's taste. Plus it makes it affordable for the rest of us. This is not an opportunity to just buy into a label you couldn't normally afford. It's not buying into status, it's more buying into a lifestyle, or into the kind of woman their clothes are designed for. The Isabel Marent girl is effortlessly cool, feminine and strong. The kind of woman who wants the kind of wardrobe you can just fall into in the morning and always come out looking the perfect balance between casual, sexy and bohemian. Now who doesn't want a slice of that? Out November time.

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