Saturday, 9 March 2013


I loved the vintage feel of this outfit straight away, with the wool, beige, belted coat, T-bar heels (I still think of Clueless when I see shoes like that...'nice stems!'), the mid length pencil skirt and the structured bag. Plus the hair of course, I wish someone would teach me how to do that. I've been thinking of trying pin curls recently (too many black and white movies, not that you can watch too many!) but the YouTube video suggested kirby grips with straight edges and I swear they don't exist. Well not in Superdrug or Boots anyway. Anyone know how to get straight edges kirby grips, please let me know! Vintage style is pretty popular in Manchester and we've got some of the best vintage shops. I reckon Ryan's Vintage could give Beyond Retro a run for it's money any day. Plus, if you continue to walk up Oldham street past Ryan's there's a shop (I've affectionately named it the junk shop) which is a big shop full of racks of clothes that are all £3 or less. True, 70% of it is fairly discard-able but there really are some gems hidden in there! Take a look for yourself.

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