Monday, 5 August 2013


As you may know, my name's Corrine. It's not that popular a name and I've only ever met one or two Corrine's in my life and one was a boy (spell Korin). Most people have trouble pronouncing it even after I tell them 'It's like 'Coronation Street' without the nation or the street' (I'm hilarious!). And the sad thing, when you're younger is that when you go on school trips or museums etc, the pens, mugs, bookmarks, padded headbands with the 3D squidgy writing (remember them?) with your name on never ever have Corrine. Not even when I went to Paris in Year 7 and I thought I'd be well in. Sometimes it would be spelled Corinne but never with two r's instead. So when I was scrolling through the latest goods for AW at Matches I was absolutely delighted - and may have made a high pitched squeak - when I saw these Stella McCartney beauties. I'd already opened them into a new tab (along with about 20 other things) because I thought they were gorgeous and totally the kind of thing I like (just a bit ugly-pretty, slightly androgynous, low block heel and a little leopard print). But when I saw the name of the shoe I was so happy! They'd be a pair to save up for for sure, but I can ease my guilt by saying it must be a sign right? They are better than a million headbands put together!

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