Monday, 10 December 2012


I'm very sad to announce that my laptop has finally packed up and given in. We've had five wonderful years but the battery has finally died.

I now of course, need to buy a new one! This thought should fill me with excitement but it doesn’t. It fills me with dread. Mainly because technology and I, well, we don’t really get along to well. I know I have a blog and stuff but it’s done (although with love!) as simply as I can. The photo collages? Done on Paint (I am a paint wizard though, check out my zoo). I don’t even know what make my phone is. I do know it cost £12.50 and is so basic it doesn’t even have predictive text. One visitor to my house even mistook it for the TV remote. Not good. I have no idea what Ram is, or megabytes. Though the latter I think would make an awesome name for crisps. I’d buy them.

I’m going to buy one this week so will be posting some more street style as soon as I manage to plug it in and open it without any major disaster. See you soon!

Ps: remember back in the day when the TV signal used to break and they gave you a nice picture of a kitten to look at? Generally in a bucket or flower pot? Well as this blog’s about fashion, here’s a picture of Chouppette to pass the time....

(photo taken from Catsparella)

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